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The Reiki Council is the lead advisory body for Reiki practitioners in the UK. Through its member associations it represents the views of people giving Reiki to the public across the UK. The Reiki Council is non-profit-making organisation that sets standards and guidelines, provides information and advice. The Reiki Regulatory Working Group (RRWG) was formed in 2002 being established as the Reiki Council in July 2008 .

The Reiki Council aims to offer a platform for all styles of Usui Reiki and its guidelines are non-style-specific.


Due to the extraordinary circumstances we as a community and as a nation are experiencing during the coronavirus pandemic, the Reiki Council has the responsibility of issuing a clear directive regarding the use of distant initiations/attunements/reiju for Reiki students. 
The Reiki Constitution states that the Reiki Council Member Organisations are representing people who have been attuned/initiated to Reiki in person, face-to-face, by their Reiki Teacher. 

The situation involving Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Teachers returning to work is very complex. 
For information about COVID-19 we would recommend looking at the 
NHS website https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19 and  the Government website https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus  and 

Here is Government advise for those looking to return to work


https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do?fbclid=IwAR0dYeIFQDASWyG5Sh1E0c4PYqeAnGJXiMvVfqPcBrEjZDTNdC-uZWn0E4c  (22nd September 2020)

NHS Track and Trace

Create a coronavirus NHS QR code for your venue- if required

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If you are a member of a Reiki professional association (PA) please refer to your PA if specific guidance is required.

When looking  for a practitioner or teacher, we recommend you always look for a member of a reputable organisation and preferably one that is affiliated to the Reiki Council. For Reiki Council member organisations please click here.

Reiki member organisations currently offering the Reiki Council and CNHC accreditation through the Reiki National Occupational Standard verification services are:
The Reiki Association; The Reiki Connection; The Reiki Guild; UK Reiki Federation and Complementary Health Professionals. 
Click here for their details.

Reiki Council fully endorses the Reiki Medic-Care initiative, who are still recruiting volunteers for this offering,
Members of any of the above named organisations can register.

Connecting Reiki with Medicine

Message from the Chair 

News and updates from the Reiki World 

Reiki Experiences from the General Public 

'The death of a loved one, and the complex, tangled web of emotions that accompany such an event in one's life, confronted me a couple of years ago for the first time. I was 23 then, and only my grandfather, who I had not known so deeply had passed on ten years prior. This time around, it was a girl aged 21 - she had been someone I had previously dated and, and the very foundation, someone I intended to keep and love in my life in whichever form that may have come. After fighting anaphylactic shock, she disappeared from my life and many others'. Read the full story here.

Guidelines for teaching Reiki to children 

It is good idea to wait until a child is seven before initiating or attuning them to Reiki. It is important that the child is old enough to make a choice for itself. It is better if at least one of the parents already has Reiki, and essential that the parent is present during the children’s class in order to facilitate the process and help teach their children both to self-treat as well as learning the hand positions for treating their siblings, friends or other family members. Read the full article here

Connecting Reiki with Medicine

Full Circle Fund Therapies - award winning integrated medicine charity, are conducting a new research at St. George's Hospital, London. Their aim is to introduce Reiki to support very sick children and adults, mainly suffering from life limiting conditions, The research is designed to show how Reiki can benefit patients in clinical settings. The Reiki Practitioners working on this project are volunteering and the charity relies totally on donations from people like you, who are passionate about conducting the benefits of Reiki to the suffering. 

To become involved and support the awareness of Reiki in clinics, please DONATE using this link: Connecting Reiki with Medicine.

To read more on this topic, please click here

The ART of Reiki